Healthy Cooking for Newcomers

Program Objective: To provide a free, hands-on cooking experience focusing on healthy food choices for newcomers. The program aims to address food security challenges, cultural barriers to acceptable food, and language barriers.

Program Description: The Healthy Eating for Newcomers program offers an interactive cooking experience where participants can learn about healthy food choices, receive support from each other, and explore community programs. The program creates a supportive environment for newcomers to make new friends, practice English, learn multicultural recipes, and share ideas. Please email for more information. 

Key Features:

Hands-on Cooking Experience: Participants will engage in practical cooking activities under the guidance of experienced instructors, learning essential cooking skills and techniques.

Healthy Food Choices: The program will emphasize the importance of nutritious food and provide information on making healthy food choices to promote overall well-being.

Cultural Inclusivity: The program will celebrate diversity by showcasing multicultural recipes, encouraging participants to share their own traditional recipes, and fostering cultural exchange.

Community Engagement: Participants will learn about other community programs and resources available to support their well-being, integration, and overall settlement process.

Language Support: English language learning will be integrated into the program, providing participants with opportunities to practice and improve their language skills in a practical setting.

Program Benefits:

  • Increased knowledge of healthy food choices and cooking skills.
  • Enhanced social connections and opportunities to make new friends.
  • Improved English language proficiency through practical application.
  • Access to community resources and programs to support overall well-being.
  • Cultural exchange and appreciation of diverse culinary traditions.

Participants said:

"I am happy to live in Canada. I can not speak English. But I was so happy to be with you. Cooking classes made a big difference to my family. I was able to eat various kinds of food and to make healthy food. Thank you very much. I will remember the information you gave me."

"I enjoy this program which brainstorms ideas , teaches knowledge and brings happiness, will always exist in our memories. Thank you all your hard work in preparation and patience in teaching. More importantly, it gives us a snapshot of food science. I never thought cooking could be so much fun!"