Community Cooking Programs

Community Cooking Programs at Nanaimo Community Kitchens:

Our Community Cooking Programs are monthly workshops for a specific audience. They are designed to empower individuals and families to take control of their nutrition, improve culinary skills, and create a strong sense of belonging within the community. We are currently offering 2 ongoing workshops called Nourishing Ourselves and Ethnic Vegan. Registration is required and space is limited. Please email Heidi at regarding any questions related to these workshops. 

Program Description: Nourishing Ourselves - Empowering Youth through Cooking

Nourishing Ourselves community kitchens is facilitated by Mark Riser, who is dedicated to teaching basic cooking skills to youth and young adults. The workshops offer valuable life skills, nurture creativity, and enhance overall well-being through the shared art of cooking. This program is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment where young individuals can develop a strong foundation in culinary skills while also gaining essential knowledge about nutrition, food sustainability, and personal growth.


Program Description: Ethnic Vegan 

Our monthly workshop called "Ethnic Vegan", is a part of our diverse community cooking programs aimed at promoting healthy eating, food security, and community building through the shared experience of cooking. This workshop specifically focuses on teaching participants how to prepare vegan dishes inspired by various ethnic cuisines, offering a unique opportunity to explore new flavors and cooking techniques while adhering to a plant-based diet.

The workshop is coordinated by Anne Nguyen, who helps participants enhance their culinary skills and knowledge about vegan cooking. It encourages participants to embrace a healthy lifestyle, make nutritious food choices, and enjoy the social aspect of cooking together. By integrating cultural diversity into the kitchen, the "Ethnic Vegan" workshop helps broaden participants' culinary horizons and fosters a sense of community and mutual learning​​.