Cooking out of the Box

Our program called Cooking Out Of The Box (COB) provides support for low-income individuals by increasing access to nutritious fresh food. The program is based on the Canada Food Guide’s recommendation to increase fruits and vegetables in our diets. Not only do participants learn healthy low-cost recipes that they will be able to make over and over again, but they also learn important nutrition information.
COB teaches healthy, low-cost recipes and provides nutrition information through in-person and virtual cooking classes. COB also addresses food security, wellness, and community connection. NCKS collaborates with schools, social housing buildings, and other agencies to offer the program. We have expanded their services to include a school cooking kit program, cooking workshops at affordable housing, and monthly workshops on ethnic vegan cooking. The program helps alleviate the financial strain of food expenses and focuses on supporting better health, nutrition, and personal wellness for marginalized community members. Nanaimo Community Kitchens Society offers various programs that promote economical, nutritious food and build food preparation skills. Our organization continues to serve vulnerable community members, and their programs are accessible to diverse populations, regardless of age, ability, income, or other factors.


Sessions are free but limited in space. Please phone Heidi at 250-753-7470 for more information, or email: